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SSM Consultores & Auditores believes that consulting can and should organically have a positive and meaningful impact on societies in Africa.

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Our typical process involves 5 steps to achieve the expected results:


  • Identify
  • Measure
  • Qualify


  • Map
  • To define
  • Detail


  • Accomplish
  • Formation
  • Tools


  • Action implement
  • Training reinforce
  • Processes Reengineering


  • Ensure
  • Results
  • Action plan

Get to know our Services & operations


For all accounting work we have the integrated systems of accounting as "Primavera" and "Pastel" from which the client can choose to use it our database or use their own database. we make sure that your information is safe.


Companies with high performance know that trust generates success. That is why more and more leading companies in their industries choose to work with SSM Consultores & Auditores Lda.


The effectiveness and addicional value of the services that SSM Auditores & Consultores provides also focus on specialized tax support, optimizing the tax practices in the national territory.


The purpose of the Commercial Registration is to make available the quality of companies we are dealing with, being defined as mandatory giving your compnay the ability to become more credible to others.


The HR Services exercises as its competences in the areas of people management, the dynamization of training actions appropriate to its development and reinforcement of skills. Let us do it for you.


Creating a complete solution for your assets. Excellent advice for investments does not come out of nowhere. Our service takes into account all your financial needs, from asset planning to investments and banking operations.


If you are one of the thousands of professionals who are starting your business and have to doble your time and effort between technical, commercial service and yet take care of the billing and administration of your company.


Financial projection is an estimate of how much you intend to sell and spend for a future period of time. This period can be from a month to several years depending on the case and the level of information that the company has.

Get to Know a litle About Us

who we are

SSM Auditores & Consultores, Lda. is an emerging company in the Mozambican market with dynamic and innovative attitude to better serve the clients. We have been operating in the national market for 20 years, Having been officially registered as SSM Auditores & Consultores, Lda. in 2015 with 20 employees and is currently encouraging the development and integration of women in their professional careers.

what we do

We believe that each client must be respected in their culture and identity. We perceive the Organization of our clients, looking for solutions to monetize the validated points of opportunity, working the people, the Information and the Processes for the real use of all the active resources of the company. We are experts in implementing solutions that bring added, visible, qualified and measurable value to customers.